Friday, May 30, 2014

1st impressions of 1st class travel

I am on my way to Paris and have the joy of traveling 1st class. It's my 1st time. My 1st impressions:
a) very quiet so far (can it be that 1st class travelers take the quiet zone literally?)
b) surprisingly quite a few passengers have brought along their picnic packages (more about this topic another day)
c) the department smells pleasantly of coffee, since there is a steward constantly serving new passengers with coffee.

Picnic packages

What makes a good picnic package?

My guess would be that this picnicpack has to contain some smelly salami sandwiches and some tupperware containers filled with carrots and radishes. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DB blogger in residence

I have been a poster girl for Deutsche Bundesbahn for over 30 years now. Any one who has read this blog knows I am a long time fan of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB for short). It is a running joke in my family, my unerring loyalty to the German train company, but they also joke about how I posses good DB karma.

When it comes to the DB, my belief in its greatness has been reinforced a thousand times.
My son sent me this article about how Amarak in the States is now installing writers in residence in their trains. Isn't that the most brilliant idea!

I came up with an idea of becoming DB blogger in residence. I could write posts about traveling around Germany in trains. I could entertain foreign travelers with stories of places I visit, people I meet along the way.

I  could describe the different types of trains that run north to south and east to west; from the super sonic to the meandering milk runs. Then there are the cultural intricacies such as: why Germans pack a lunch whenever they take the train: football, rowdies and police crowd control with the DB: bilingual announcements during train trips: Oktoberfest and funny looking passengers...  The list goes on and on.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to make this dream job come true!
Suggestions appreciated...